Sunday, February 3, 2008

Desk Calendar

I finished all of my Yubotu puzzles, so I popped in today at Barnes and Noble to pick up another book of puzzles. While I was there, I found a joke-a-day- desk calendar for $1. I bought it.

Dr. Seidman has three calendars on the wall of his office, none set to the right month, none even from the right year. One is at September 1966.

So, since I bought my calendar in February, I went ahead and peeled off all the jokes for January and saved them. I'll read through them slowly over the next month, and memorize each.

The only gripe that I have with the calendar is that it doesn't have the day of the week printed on it. This is really bad, because I typically have to think a minute to recall what the day of the week is. I often forget what season it is, and this is why I'm often seen wearing shorts in the winter.

Oh! I just realized that the day of the week is actually printed on the calendar. The jokes are that good.

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