Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Reformation Day

Today, October 31, is Reformation Day in the Protestant Church, the anniversary of Martin Luther nailing the 95 Theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg. As such, I will be going out Reformation caroling, singing such songs as:
  • No Pope, No Cry
  • I Shall Not Indulge Thee, Johann Tetzel
  • I Don't Want To Eat (A Diet of Worms)
I will be accompanied by Smashing Pipe Organs, the Huldrych Zwingli tribute band.

The Prestige 2

I have an idea for a sequel to the movie, The Prestige. It begins as David Copperfield, having learned the secret of time travel, from Albert Einstein, rescues Angier, who was left dying at the end of the first movie. This precipitates a multilateral magician's war, between Angier, Borden, and Copperfield. Cutter, the guy who played Alfred in Batman, also tries to top them with his amazing tricks, but is stopped by David Blaine, who, using his demonic powers, has summoned foul zombies in turn-of-the-century England, to overthrow London. Dumbledore seduces all the magicians, and they unite, using the art of stage illusion to halt the zombie invasion and bring an end to David Blaine's reign of terror. The movie ends as Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, and David Oreck, the inventor of the Oreck Vacuum cleaner, all convert to the Amish church.

Also, all of the characters will be played by Johnny Depp.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Best UMBC Police Log

Props to Karis for digging this up:

TRAFFIC ARREST -- 9/13/2000, 4:50pm A UMBC student was observed parking her vehicle in the wrong side of the roadway against the flow of traffic at outer Hilltop Circle and South Administration Drive. When the officer attempted to provide assistance to the subject, she refused to comply with the officer's orders. When the officer requested her driver's license and registration, the subject fled the area in her vehicle. A slow-speed pursuit ensued on Administration Drive to Lot 10. She discharged a passenger and ignored the officer's commands to turn the vehicle off and produce identification. The subject continued to drive away on inner Hilltop Circle, stopping at the traffic light at the intersection of Hilltop Circle and Hilltop Road. Again refusing to comply with the officer's commands, the subject made a U-turn at the green traffic signal. A second police vehicle joined in the pursuit. Traffic congestion forced the vehicle to stop a stop at the entrance to Research Park Drive. A UMBC student assisted the officers by blocking the route of escape with her vehicle when the subject attempted to pull to the right and continue fleeing. Again refusing repeated demands to turn the vehicle off and get out, she placed her hands on the controls of the vehicle, indicating to the officers she was going to continue fleeing by the only remaining path that was blocked only by officers on foot. The officers then made a forced entry into the vehicle by breaking out a rear window and physically extracting the subject. The subject continued to resist arrest process, clinging to the steering wheel, screaming obscenities and making threats to do bodily harm against the officers. She was transported from the scene and the vehicle was impounded. She was charged with 5 traffic charges and 2 criminal charges. The district court commissioner set bail a $2,500.