Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dirty Jokes, my Parents

Dad came back from Utah, and was telling Mom and me about a sign that he saw in an authentic western steakhouse: "A good cowgirl keeps her calves together and her gate shut."

When I was moving onto campus for the first time, Mom was with me to help out. We had to go to University Health Services because I needed a meningitis shot. Mom saw a bowl of condoms, set out like a bowl of candy. Reaching for them, she suddenly realized her mistake, "I thought they were Jolly Ranchers!" I do suppose you could call them that.

[Note: my parents aren't skanky, nor are they repressed. I just thought these were pretty funny jokes.]


  1. Came across your blog while looking for some new Reformation Day ideas. You're a funny, interesting kid; just thought I'd tell you that. :-)

  2. What I'm wondering is, did Rebecca leave with any interesting new ideas for Reformation Day?

  3. Well, Rebecca's an old pro at Reformation Day parties. This will be my sixth party coming up, so I've really done a great deal of the things most people recommend.

    My personal favorite tradition is the pope pinata. Last year we Office Spaced it and this year we're going to either stone it or burn it at the stake. Before you get all crazy and offended, keep in mind that my pope pinata represents the office of the pope and not any one individual.

    But I just may give the Reformation Day Caroling a try. Sounds like a good time.

  4. I've not, in my adult, had a reformation day party. I mean, growing up, we had "Fall Harvest Parties" that happened to fall on Halloween, and we jokingly referred to them as Reformation Day parties.

    I think I'll celebrate Reformation Day this year! Also, I like the clarification on the Pope pinata being an effigy of the office, not a man.