Thursday, September 10, 2009

Links to share

Suz, who just commented on Controlling for God has posted her testimony on her blog; I want to link to it here because it's part of the discussion for this week's post. I had asked her why she believes in God, and wrote that post in response. I'm always honored when strangers read my writing and have something to say. Thanks, Suz!

Also, Graham wrote 9 things christian writers seem to think about secularism, which I agree with so much it hurts my face.

I also want to acknowledge Matt Morrison, who wrote Cute Cartoon Genocide. In Jericho and babies, I suppose that I suggest that the battle of Jericho in the book of Joshua is genocidal and barbaric. Some people don't feel that way. They will not be amused by Matt's post.

I also want to give a nod to Evan; he writes rarely, but with high quality. Readers of this blog should especially enjoy Apocalypse Whenever.


  1. Thanks for posting these links. So far I have only read Suz's - I'm always on the lookout for a new blog I will enjoy. I agree that there is much more to faith than feelings. I particularly like your example of music at church. Can we worship God in spite of the humanity of the people up front? My answer is yes, if I am willing.

  2. Ah, I'm not a stranger--you know me--I'm surprised you didn't recognize me, but I haven't said much about our kids lately on my blog. Anyways, thanks for posting the link--thanks for thinking it worth reading! Philip Yancey says that in the front of one of his books that he realizes and is humbled by the choice of someone to read his words.

  3. Suz, as soon as you said you're not a stranger, it popped into my mind who you are. (I was thinking that it was funny that there are a lot of Suzes running around reading books about overcoming cynicism.)

  4. chuckle, chuckle. Yes, I now have two favorite books of all time 1) Seeing through Cynicism by Dick Keyes and 2) Trusting God by Jerry Bridges. There are lots of other books that I love, but I think those would be at the very top of the list.