Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Denny's and Cazbar and belief in God

When people go to Denny's, they pick out what they want to eat rather quickly, pancakes or Moons over my Hammy or a Grand Slam or what have you. Denny's is cheap and rather uniformly unpleasant.

I think that the nicest restaurant I've ever been to is Cazbar, on Charles Street, in Baltimore. It's a fancy Turkish restaurant. Before I went, I Googled for the proper etiquette for valet parking. I spent a little more time considering the menu there; the food was expensive, so I wanted to make sure I picked out the best things on the menu, the items I was most in the mood for. I'm glad I did. I recommend the mixed meze plate and the vegetable casserole.

I might pick up a board game on an impulse, but when I'm buying a new computer, I might take days to decide on the best machine I can afford.

Most of the time, people think about decisions and beliefs in terms of stacking up pros and cons and seeing which pile is higher; at least, that's what they think they're doing. Deciding takes effort, though, and they put more effort into deciding about things that are going to impact them more.

I don't know what to say when asked if I believe in God. Do I believe in God enough for what? I believe in God enough to hope that he's there. I believe in God enough to pray and smile at strangers and not use the F-word too much. I don't think that means much, because I think I'd do those things anyway, if God wasn't real. Do I believe in God enough to sing songs I don't really like that much? Yes. Do I believe in God enough to die for someone? I hope so. Do I believe in God enough to be a missionary in the jungle? No.

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