Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Identity food

I often have my cell phone, in my pocket, set to vibrate. I miss a lot of calls that way, I don't always notice the vibration. Also, I now have phantom cell phone vibrations--my thigh will feel an oscillatory twitch, but no one has called.

Last fall, I was sick a lot, I had a cold that made me very tired and gave me a lot of headaches and a sore throat. It was the sort of sore throat that feels painful but doesn't make me sound any different. I didn't sneeze or cough or anything. I got no sympathy.

I love how liquor stores sell breath mints next to the flu shots. Why is cranberry juice the juice of choice for people who want to not drink alcohol, but be at a bar anyway?

I had had a cold all during a long trip, and I was very tired, but when I got home, the only place open was 7-Eleven. I got Gatorade and cough drops, a frozen pizza, and a Klondike bar. When I got home, I couldn't find the Klondike. Months later, when it appeared between the passenger seat and door, none of the melted ice cream had leaked out.

Why is there meat-lovers' pizza or veggie-lovers' pizza, instead of pizza-with-a-lot-of-meat, or pizza-with-a-passel-of-vegetables-that-do-not-necessarily-go-together? What other identity foods have you spotted?

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