Monday, December 29, 2008

Rather brief update

I wasn't sure what to write, the past three days have been dense. I could just list the things we did, but Matthew's account is quite effective. I'm not very interested in touristy things in general; I wouldn't have come here just for fun. I'm trying to get a sense of the place to see if I want to move here when I grow up, and I don't know a quick and easy way to talk about the things that play into that decision. I'm thinking about:

  • How awesome the lightswitches are (very)
  • How I'd do with the language (it shouldn't be too bad--I'm surprised by how much I'm picking up. I'ma go agglutinate some crap!)
  • How nice the people are (excessively)
  • What the universities are like (hip, but there's not as much English used as I had expected, even in the "English" universities)
  • How easy it is to eat vegetarian (not too hard, except that it's assumed here, moreso than in the states, that everyone wants to devour as much beef as they can get their hands on)


  1. So... what's so great about their lightswitches?

  2. I would've figured everyone liked chicken. Who doesn't like chicken?

  3. The light switches are big squares, like 2.5"x2.5". They're rocker switches. The corners are rounded. They remind me of the turrests in Half Life Portal.

    The only chicken that Paul and I have seen was at a rotisserie place. Paul has seen it on some menus, but it's pretty rare.

    We did see a rooster, along with two rabbits, on top of a rack holding evil eye charms. The animals were used for fortune telling.

  4. don't forget to take a picture of the switches to remember them by in case you haven't already!