Monday, August 6, 2007

Smart People Ratio and Other Signs of Dumbness

We were all packed into the kitchen, four of us, all college graduates, unusually smart people, if I do say so myself, we were trying to set up a coffee maker.

Is it working yet?
No. These instructions suck!
It's plugged in.
What does L2ERR mean?
The beans are in the grinder.
And we put in water, right?
There's nothing in the manual about an L2ERR.
Did we set the clock?
Look at this sentence in the manual: 'Please to insert beans here for desired coffee amount'
Why did you buy this coffee maker?
Did we break it?
It's new, it should be fine.
But, it's plugged in, right?
Crap crap crap.
Push that button.
What is an L2ERR?
No, let's try to set the clock on the thing.
...and so on, for about half an hour.

And then, someone just closed the lid to the coffee maker, and it hummed on its way, grinding the beans and beginning to drip.

Too many smart people in one place is a sure sign of stupid. What are some others?

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